Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mendocino Coast and the Little River Inn

Over a year ago, Les and I were given a gift certificate for a two night stay at The Little River Inn in Mendocino This is a really lovely spot, with a view from every room. We had never stayed there before, but will definately be going back! Les' cousin Merv and his wife Diane made the long drive down from Snohomish to meet us there. Our first morning we made plans to head up the road 10 miles or so to Ft. Bragg to have breakfast at a "hole in the wall" that Merv and Diane had eaten at before. This was a first time for Les and I, but once again....we will go back when we are next in the area. Breakfast was delish....! Diane ordered "wicked eggs benedict". The hollandaise sauce for this dish was made with cilantro giving it a BRIGHT green color. I couldn't help taking a picture!! I had my favorite of biscuits and gravy. The whole place is decorated in a Wizard of Oz theme and as you can truely a "hole in the wall". Next we headed over to Glass Beach, where years of dumping garbage over the cliff into the ocean has resulted in a magnificent beach totally littered with ocean scrubbed bits of glass. All well rounded and smooth. Since some storms had recently passed thru, the glass was particularly plentiful. We were excited with each new color of glass we found...and I guess you could say I got distracted!! The tide was out, so I wandered closer to the shore than I should have and before you know it....out of the corner of my eye, I saw a wave coming!!! As you can see by the picture....I didn't move fast enough and went for a roll in the surf :) Amazing how sand can get into everything....I had on a turtle neck shirt, fleece vest, and ski jacket. Jeans and my Dansko's. Everything was completely soaked nearly to my neck. Needless to say, we headed back to our room and I was thankful that I hadn't been able to decide what to bring for clothes and so had opted to bring it all!! I showered and changed, and off we went again :) A meal at Capt'n Flint's that night of fish and chips, a game of Phase 10 and our trip was complete!!! Can't wait to go again :)

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