Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trip to Chicagoland

All summer we'd looked forward to our trip to Chicago and visiting Jerry, Bernice, James and Lucas. We weren't disappointed! What fun we had. Les and Jerry did their favorite MAN activity...getting grease under the nails and searching the countryside and city for just the right bolt. Oh yeah, they complained and acted frustrated...but we know the truth! They enjoy the challenge and the hunt for the right part and then finding it and finishing the project!! Another highlight was, of course, Jame's 3rd birthday. If you read Bernice's blog, then you know it was a Thomas the Train theme. After going to the children's museum in Naperville, we stopped for dinner at a train themed diner. It was REALLY cute! The train entered the kitchen on one side and then came out the other laden with all our yummy eats. The next time around it brought out our ice cream dessert....topped with a birthday candle for James. A good day indeed.

We also whiled our time away with shopping at an outlet mall, a really fantastic one, in Aurora, antiquing in Crown Point, Indiana, visiting with friends, and going for walks in the neighborhood. Going for walks was one of my favorite things to do...all the houses in Jerry and Bernice's neighborhood are just plain lovely to look at. White with painted shutters, or wrap around porches decked out in inviting wicker seating and the most humongous lush hanging ferns I've ever seen in my life!! Just like the picture on a magazine cover. If only I could transform MY house to one of those.....sigh.

It IS good to be home again though we miss our dear ones in Illinois....perhaps, someday we can all live a bit closer together....tis a dream ..................................but you never know ;-)