Monday, March 21, 2011

Les' New Project

Ah, when you have grand kiddos, life changes. It's a good change, in fact, a fantastic, phenomenal, lovely change. There are now these new little people in your life that you would do just about anything for. They make you "remember when" their parents were your little people! think about what you used to do for them and with them and now you have a chance to do it over. In a small way, I guess. No pun intended. So, it came about that when Casey and Lisa had Katie, Les and I said, "what's something special we can give them?" Since we are sort of hands on kinda people, we immediately followed with "what can we MAKE for them"?
Les had made Casey and Jerry and Ri a toy box when they were little, and it got used constantly and we still have it today. It was bench style so they could close it and sit on it....which they did many times with one of them inside! It was great fun! Practical, useful, and special, cuz Dad made it. So, it was decided......a toy box it would be! One was made for Katie a little after she was born, and now it's also for Tys and Trenton and someone special due in July.
Then came James and Lucas and now Peter......they need a toy box too!!! So, Grandpa get to work!! And so he that he no longer "shares" his shop space and can lay out his wood and keep it clean, the project has begun! I wish I would have gotten a picture of him sitting in his recliner with graph paper on clipboard....furrowed complete concentration....but you can imagine it can't you? For is the beginning of the toy box project for James, Lucas and Peter.

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday my cell phone kept sending me a message stating I was out of room! It had content overload! Yikes.....what does that mean??? I cleared my inbox of rec'd msgs. Then I cleared my sent msgs. Then I moved on to My Pictures. Oy! Could THIS be the overloaded content? Uh....maybe so. It's funny how you can lose track of all those pics you store on your phone. Every picture that's been sent to me, like the cute purse Ri was buying, or the wrecked truck Casey helped put back on it's 18 wheels, or the "new ride" Jerry just purchased. It struck me that as I went thru these pics that "my picture" folder on my phone was a sort of diary for my life over the last year or so. And then there were the little projects that I took pictures of to blog about and well......never got to. So, here are some of the things I wanted to share with you and never did :). I made these "enameled" tags, and had so much fun with it, I ,like the blog title says, couln't stop!! Enjoy!