Monday, September 22, 2008

Country Livin' the dust :/

Last week the corn was cut and chopped in the field across the street. It's always nice to watch it grow and then after our view of the Coast Range has been completely blocked by 12''s good to see it go again. Following the chopping of the corn, always comes the dust with discing and planting, only this year so far......we get double or triple the dust :/. After installing a new irrigation system, the farmer who owns this property now needs to level it out so the flow of water, for flood irrigation, will now be moving east to west. Previously it was north to south. In the last few days there has been a flurry of activity, pulling out the old concrete irrigation pipe and hauling it away, and now the levelers have come. When they're finished....they will be followed by further discing and then planting for the next feed crop...usually some kind of sudan grass. Thankfully we leave for a week's vacation tomorrow....the dusting will be over by the time we return! But, for now, it's "eat my dust" all day long!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I tried to straighten out the text with the photos.....but I can't get it to move appropriately when I edit!!! Can you regular bloggers help me!!??

Apologies from an Intermittent Blogger :(

Oma relaxing at the top of the pass Sorry, sorry, sorry, for doing such a bad job of keeping up on this blog :/. I will try to do better in the future.....but I'm having a hard time figuring what is a good "regular" time to blog. Our summer has been very busy so far....even though we are having a "staycation" this year. Les and I decided that we would concentrate on some "projects" that have needed to be done for several years now. We have been tackling those and making some progress!! In June Casey and Lisa and family were here for two consecutive weekends, and we had a great time heading to Yosemite and just spending time here at the house. It was nice for Grandpa and Oma to have a chance to see Katie splish splashing in the pool!! And Tys....well, he's all boy! Next on the agenda was a surprise for Les from me.....I told Les to "save the date" and on a Thurs. evening we got dressed and headed out for a location Les knew nothing about :) He tried to play it cool....but as I drove he couldn't resist asking where we were headed and then trying to guess our final destination! It was a Ken Davis concert (Christian comedian)...we had a blast! The next few weeks were filled with preparation for a bridal shower for Elaine Hannink, Johnny and Lauren's wedding, and a trip to Lynden, WA. for Les to help out Gladys and Marion on their new house. While he painted in Lynden, I did a little painting of my own!! For several years now, my bedroom has been in a state of well....hmmmmm.....upheavel? Preparation for something better?? Anticipation!! After rearranging the furniture about 4 years ago and finding several black widows hiding in the shadows between carpet and baseboard, we ripped out all the carpeting. The plan was to paint the floor, just like the LR.....and of course, the walls would be painted too. That was, ahem, 4 years ago I emphasize! Something just kept getting in the way, like weddings, babies, baptisms, new jobs, back get the drift. So, this was my chance... I'd been dreaming of color schemes, and wall treatments. Earth and sky. They go with everything and the blue would be calming and serene....just what I needed :) The floor came out beautifully in the same muted green as the LR and the walls are actually 4 shades of blue. Darker at the bottom and blended and swirled up to the top to create a sort of mist rising to sky. I'm actually still working on it....there will be some birds in there sometime soon :) In addition to painting the bedroom, I had some fun with my bedside table. Using several different mediums, I just love the way this turned out. I should have taken a before pic! Les returned home from Lynden.....surprise, surprise....bedroom painted...ta dah! Now for the new (been sitting in a box in the garage for 4 yrs.) bed frame. Wow, I love it! In between painting walls, I worked on loads of tomatoes and peaches that brother Herman gave us. Spaghetti sauce cooked all day while I painted. It worked out beautifully. Les and I have had a few little "one day getaways" in the TR6 as well as on the Harley. The most recent being a trip to the top of Sonora Pass with Charlie De Vries. He came down on his bike from Victoria, BC, and stayed with us for about 5 days. We had a really nice visit and a gorgeous ride to the pass. That was about a week ago, and now we are looking forward to a short trip to Chicago next week. I'm hoping for fall colors..........I'll keep you posted....honest!!