Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Color Tour

Our Campsite
Bishop Creek Canyon
Bishop Creek
Conway Summit at the base of Virginia Lakes
This is the way we roll!
For the last 30 years or so, or as long as Les was driving truck on the west coast, he's taken me on a "Fall Color Tour". Every year, about now, he would come home and say "it's time for your fall color tour hon' !" I knew just what that meant....he was beginning to see the trees along the way north turn their fall colors in earnest. I'd pack my bag, and the next trip north, I was along for the ride! He knew all the BEST spots.....and as we rode along would tell me to look left or right for that spot, or even a particular tree he had seen, that was a brilliant red or orange. We'd talk till we were both hoarse......about anything and everything. Lots of goals and plans for our life and family were made on those fall color tours. Five years ago, when Les quit driving, so did our fall color tours. Not on purpose mind you, but simply a part of the changing times of our lives....weddings, grandchildren, and now I get to see Les EVERYDAY! So this year, my sweetheart came in the house one day and said "Hon' it's time for your fall color tour". He'd been checking online to see just when the optimum time would be to see COLOR on the east side of the Sierras. He said he had a few vacation days'on...let's GO! So we did.....and were not disappointed.
We camped at Virginia Lakes, 9600ft. evevation in a gorgeous spot. These pics are from the campsite and in and around the general area...say a 50 mile radius. The picture with Les and Mickey in it with all the beautiful trees is taken in Bishop Creek Canyon. Gorgeous!